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ELECTRIC TRANSFORMER: SELECTION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE COURSE   OBJECTIVE :- Deepen basic principle of  transformer- Know the types  of transformer  used in power  system- Enable to conduct electrical and

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Well And Production

PRODUCTION LOGGING & RESERVOIR MONITORING COURSE SUMMARYThis course is to summarize the state of the art of production logging technology. It included the example problems to illustrate the use of various

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Total Productive Maintenance

BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES : Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) can drastically improve maintenance strategy and efficiency achieved by industries.

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Petroleum Engineering for Non Petroleum Engineer

OBJECTIVES This course is designed to provide non-engineering petroleum industry technical professionals with a thorough overview of most key aspects of petroleum engineering technology and its applications.

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Vibration Analysis and Machinery Troubleshooting

OBJECTIVES : · Enhance knowledge of fundamental theory to measure and monitor vibration of machinery and introduce equipment to measure vibration.

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Piping Sys & Pipeline Integrity

OBJECTIVES The Participant will gain an in-depth knowledge of pipe and fitting material specifications, fabrication process and influence on mechanical properties of strength and toughness, to help in material selection and

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Gas Compresor Operation & Maintenance

OBJECTIVE : · Give general description of  air compression theory to optimalize compression process efficiently

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Friday, 22 Jun 2018

Vibration Analysis and Machinery Troubleshooting

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·  Enhance knowledge of fundamental theory to measure and monitor vibration of machinery and introduce equipment to measure vibration.
·  Analyze vibration occures on  rotating and reciprocating machineries.
·  Introduce preventive and predictive maintenance concept based on vibration monitoring.
·  Discuss case studies on sources of and what casue vibartion commonly occures in the field.
·  Workshop on actual vibration measurement and analysis by using software.

The Participants Will Gain The Following :
·  Knowing  fundamental theory of  vibration
·  Understand  how  to select  and use instrumentation to measure vibration correctly
·  Knowledge  vibration sources commonly happens in the field ,and how  to analyse them
·  Knowledge how to measure and analyze vibration by using software to gain the constructive conclusions
·  Perform preventive and predictive maintenance based on vibartion monitoring.
·  Learn from the actual case studies and gain "lesson-learn" from the actual cases occurred



1. Fundamental of  Vibration
· Preventive maintenance based on vibration monitoring
· Elaboration of vibration component:

Time domain
Domain frequency
Spectral map
Spectral phase
Periodic function
Harmonic function
Fourrier analysis

2.Single Freedom Degree  Vibration

· Free vibration without  damping
· Free vibration  with  damping

3.Single Freedom Degree  Forced Vibration
· Forced harmonic vibration
· Rotating of unbalance mass
· Unbalance rotor
· Supported  movement system
· Vibration isolation
· Shaft critical speed
· Define value of  damping  ratio


4. Two Freedom Degree  Free-Vibration

·    Free vibration
·    Forced  vibration
·    Dynamic damping

5. Multi Freedom Degree  Vibration

6. Continuous System

7. Predictive Maintenance  Based on Vibration Monitoring
·    Vibration and machine  condition
·    Vibration  signal measurement
·    Hardware of  vibration  analysis signal :
Vibration sensor
Dynamic Signal Analyzer/ (DSA)
·    Basic understanding of  maintenance technology
·    Conventional  maintenance method
·    Predictive maintenance method
·    Periodic and permanent  monitoring
·    Measurement parameter

8. Vibration Signal Analysis Method
·    Practical aspect  of analysis
·    Utilise phase to analyse
·    Sum and subtraction of  frequency
·    Speed  normalisation
·    Spectrum base line
·    Vibration standard
·    Machinery  vibration  evaluation criteria

9. Vibration Characteristic of  Failure Machinery
·    Unbalance
·    Rolling bearing
·    Journal/sleeve bearing
·    Misalignment
·    Mechanical looseness
·    Gear
·    Blade and vane
·    Resonance
·    Electric motor

10. Vibration Analysis
·    Digital signal processing
·    Transducer  selection
·    Waveform analysis
·    Phase analysis

11. Vibration  on  Rotating Machine
·    Unbalance
·    Misalignment
·    Looseness
·    Anti-friction bearings
·    Oil whirl and whip
·    Gear
·    Electric  failure
·    Belt
·    Resonance
·    Orbit plot
·    Troubleshooting analysis
·    Transient machine

12. Reciprocating Machine Vibration
·    Diesel engine condition monitoring
·    Performance parameter and mechanical condition
·    Analysis of  p-t  curve and combustion pressure
·    Knocking vibration paterns analysis and diagnose

13. Workshop  and Case Study

Who Should Attend :
-    Rotating Equipment  Engineer /Superintendent/Supervisor/Technicians
-    Condition Monitoring and Performance  Engineer/Superintendent/Supervisor
-    Mechanical Engineer /Superintendent/Supervisor
-    Mill Right Engineer/Superintendent/Supervisor/Technician
-    Asset Management Team Members
-    Maintenance Engineer/Superintendent /Supervisor
-    Everybody who wants to broaden the knowledge or benefit  from this course

About The Course Leaders :
Dr. Ir. Arif Haryanto is an expert on combustion engines particularly in fuel injection technology. He received his bachelor degree from Mechanical Engineering Department of ITB in 1993. Prior to taking his postgraduate study, he worked as Field Engineer where he was responsible for vibration analysis projects. He also worked as Supervisor dealing with lube oil testing. Mr. Haryanto received his doctoral degree in 1999, from Technische Universitaet Graz, Austria majoring in fuel injection system. He is lecturer in ITB while continue publishing technical papers to public and society.